Custom-made boats - Unique technology

What does a proper sailor need to make his dream come true? A new technology with which the boat of their personal wishes and according to long-time cherished plans can be built. A boat with unique structures and shapes, not following the forms known and solutions familiar by mass-production.

This is the Easy Plank technology, which makes the manufacturing of the mass-produced boats, ready for immediate testing, possible in a cost-efficient way.

The technology does not require mould and uses the best of boatbuilding techniques, maximizing the possibilities of a modern material.
The sandwich-structured boats of optional lengths are built with wooden boatbuilding technologies with hard core foam panels which are fibreglass laminated. The Easy Plank elements are placed on the ribs, and laminated both externally and internally with fibreglass as the final step. This can be done easily and cost-effectively with either hand-lamination techniques or vacuum injection.

This method is faster and more cost-effective than the common construction, therefore producing not only a unique hull, but also a stronger, more resistant, and lighter body. The foam-technology also increases the sound-absorbing and thermal insulating characteristics of the boat.

Due to the Easy Plank technology dreams can be easily realized. Whether graceful racing, classic or tour sailing boats, elegantly gliding yachts, or fast catamarans, the Easy Plank can be perfectly used for any boats.